Dr. Gilbert was able to assist me when no one else was. After struggling for years, her innovative methods and kind attention completely transformed what was a major problem into a non-issue. She is extremely attentive, kind and intelligent, and truly searches for the best solution for her patient. I really felt she had my best interests at heart and I will forever be grateful to her for that. Her knowledge of dermatological conditions and current, even cutting edge treatments is excellent and she was always up to date with all the newest information. It is clear she enjoys what she does, and you will not receive better treatment and results from any one else. Dr. Gilbert, I will forever be thankful!
— Matt A. (Nassau, Bahamas)
Dr. Erin Gilbert has the mind of a scientist and the hands and eye of an artist. She is the only doctor I have trusted to work on my face. I am in my late 70’s now and am often mistaken for a woman 10 to 15 years younger. Dr. Gilbert’s aesthetic sensibility governs her cosmetic work and her patients always look like the best versions of themselves and never as though they have had “work done.”

In my case, there is the complication of a medication I must take daily that could be compromised by conflicting substances. It is a specialized issue and Dr. Gilbert had immediate knowledge of the potential problem and how to handle it.

Dr. Erin Gilbert is the complete professional – a doctor who will honestly evaluate the issue at hand and who delivers the highest level of personalized care.
— Carol L. (New York, New York)
I went to Dr. Erin Gilbert’s Park Slope office for a consultation to discuss Filler and Botox to address my eye area. My experience with her from start to finish was perfect. I was warmly welcomed into her beautiful, comfortable and professional office. We sat and discussed my unhappiness and insecurities about my sunken eyes and fine lines. I told her about a bad experience that I had had with Filler in the past and how I was afraid to try it again. She patiently took the time to listen and then expelled my fears by educating me as to why my first experience did not work. Next, she asked me about my goals and my skin care regimen and gladly gave me suggestions of products to use. After we talked at length, she extensively studied my skin and bone structure and gave me her professional opinion and numerous options of what I could do to eliminate my eye issues.
I planned on only doing a consultation, but because I felt so comfortable and trusting of Dr. Gilbert I had Filler and Botox done that day and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was painless and I look so natural. My insecurities have faded and my sunken eyes and fine lines are gone. Dr. Gilbert is an artist of Cosmetic Dermatology and her passion comes out through her patience with her clients and her perfect results.
— Aimee B. (Brooklyn, NY)
Dr. Gilbert is the best! She is polished, professional and a great listener. I am a working mom in my early 40’s and want to look my best, but I also want to look my age. Dr. Gilbert listened to all of my issues and questions and came up with realistic, effective and easy treatments that have made me look light years better without it being totally obvious that I’ve done something new. She has serious cosmetic skills involving injectables, lasers, and overall skin regimen suggestions. I won’t let anyone else work on my face because I trust her judgement and artistry completely. In addition, friends of mine rave about her being great with pediatric patients and adult acne patients, so she does it all extremely well.
— Michele S. (Brooklyn, NY)